Simplify + Expand Your Business

Deciding between

Kyrios Systems and Podium?

Attract new customers with more 5-star reviews

Get reviews automatically

Stop chasing reviews, let Kyrios catch them. Our intelligent platform triggers review requests at the perfect moment, boosting your online reputation on autopilot

Drowning in missed calls and scattered messages?

Streamlines your communication

Never miss a lead again - route calls, texts, social media DMs, and more to a single inbox, making it easy to stay on top of every interaction.

Process payments

And sell effortlessly

Stay focused on what matters most: converting leads to customers to make more money. With Kyrios Systems, we help you concentrate on growing your business by integrating payment services inside the platform.

Manage leads

Set up for success

Kyrios Systems will help you maximize your marketing. We know how much time you've spent building a name for yourself on social media and driving traffic to your site, so we want to help make sure this work doesn't go to waste! With the Contacts tool, build your ultimate list of opt-ins and old leads, and communicate with them regularly.

Automate campaigns

Maximize your reach

Ditch the spreadsheets, boost your bottom line. Automate your sales funnel with workflows and enjoy consistent, effortless communication that leads to more closed deals.

Track your performance

ROI in Stunning Simplicity

Don't be left in the dark, Kyrios will highlight the metrics you need to track your leads through the sales process. Easy to read metrics dashboard, campaign stats, and ad reporting are all customized for your specific needs and purposes.

Organize your assets

Find peace with organized files

Our Media Library will help you reduce clutter, work time, and unified information sharing with your team. Cut the chaos and centralize your documents, images, pdfs, and videos inside Kyrios Systems.

Design sales pages

Show up as the expert

With optimized landing pages, it won't be hard to sell fast. Our Funnel Builder provides you with the tools you need to show up confidently and strategically so you can convince interested browsers to press 'Checkout.'

Kyrios and Podium

Side-By-Side Comparison

The side-by-side comparison below is to the closest available plan offered to Kyrios.








Limited to 1000 contacts

Sales Pipelines




Team Members


Limited to 3 users

Sales Funnels


Website Builder or Hosting


Surveys & Forms


Product Listing




Automated Workflows Not Customizable

Social Media Planner

Invoice Capabilities

Email Support ( 48-72hr Response)

Automated Review Request

Inbox For Text & Email



Live Chat Support

Dedicated Business Success Manger

Business Courses & Training Support

Onboarding Support and Customization

Redefine your potential

All-in-one marketing and business development platform to simplify + expand your business

A few of the industries currently using Kyrios

Streamline your process inside one powerful system.